Welcome to Miss Merry Mac's!


Miss Merry Mac's is an educational daycare enrolling birth to 12 year olds.  Our goal is to educate the children in our care by encouraging hands-on experiences and individual thinking.  Our center can hold up to 8 children under the age of 2.5, 20 children ages 2.5-5 and 20 children ages 5-12 years old.

Our Hours

  • Monday-Friday

    • 7:00am-5:30pm

  • ​Accepting Ages 

    • Birth -12 years old

Events & Daily Schedule

 Preschool Program

7:00am-   open

7-8:30- Free Play

8:30am-   Breakfast

9:00am-   Circle Time

9:30am-   Outside Play

11:30am- Lunch

12:30pm- Nap/Rest Time

2:30pm-   Quiet Play/Story Time

3:30pm-   Snack time

4:30pm-   Outside Play

5:30pm-   CLOSE

Summer Camp Program

7am- Open

7-830- Free play

830- Breakfast

9- Outside Play/Hike

11- Arts and Craft 

12- Lunch

1-3- Relax Time/Quiet Reading 

3- Free Play/Outside Play

530- Pick Up

Before and After School Program


7-815 Free play with option of breakfast snack

815- Children get on bus

4- Children get off bus

4-530- Free play with option of afternoon snack


Infant/ Toddler Room

7- Open

7-830 Free Play

830- Breakfast

9- Diaper Changes

930- Arts and Craft

10-Outside Play

11-Diaper Changes and Circle Time

1130- Lunch

12-3 Nap Time

3- Diaper Changes

3-530- Free Play/Outside Time

530- Closed

*This room has many different schedules so some activities may change depending if someone needs a bottle or an extra feeding/changes.  What the child does/eats each day is recorded on our app and sent home everyday to the parents.

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